Finnish Microtonal Society

Finnish Microtonal Society is a free collective of musicians interested in microtonal music and music theory. The goal of the Society is to promote microtonal music and research in Finland, to organize scientific and easy-access conferences, presentations and concerts, and to contribute to general dialogue and sharing of information on the microtonal field. The Society maintains connections with multiple individuals, groups, societies and festivals, among which are EUROMicroFest and American Festival of Microtonal Music.

Our international partners’ events will include in upcoming April 2020 MicroFest Prague 2020, or Institut mikrointervalové hudby 2020. During the recent EUROMicroFest Freiburg (in May 2019), our activities and the Helsinki MikroFest 2018 were presented to the audience in J.Vesikkala’s lecture.
Partners’ information:
Freiburg EUROMicroFest 2019
Prague 23. – 25.4.2020 Czech Institute for Microtonal Music / Institut mikrointervalové hudby

In May 12th 2018 Finnish Microtonal Society organized Microtonal Forum in Helsinki’s Music Centre, a seminar day of five lectures where musicians working with microtonality shared different sides of their work. In October 17th-19th the Society organized MikroFest Helsinki 2018, a festival which included nine presentations and two concerts focusing on microtonal music.

Finnish Microtonal Society was born after a seminar of microtonal music held by Ears Open Society for Contemporary Music in Helsinki in late 2017, when the participants decided to organize more similar events. Finnish Microtonal Society has been supported by the faculty of composition and music theory of the University of the Arts Helsinki, and Ears Open Society for Contemporary Music. Contact persons of the Society are musicologist Juuso Kunttu and composer Juhani T. Vesikkala.


Latest news

Oct/20/2018. MikroFest Helsinki 2018 is now over. Thank you everyone who participated! Added some links to articles and the program booklet.

Sep/18/2018. Titles of the nine microtonal presentations in MikroFest Helsinki 2018 added to the program.

Sep/04/2018. Confirmed speakers for MikroFest Helsinki 2018 now include glissando flutist Erik Drescher, composer Christian Klinkenberg, musicologist Lidia Ader, composer Juhani Nuorvala, cellist Juho Laitinen, music theorist Kalle Aho, microtonal pianist Elisa Järvi, musicologist Juuso Kunttu and composer Tuomas Kettunen.

Aug/14/2018. The results of the Call for Works for our Friday 19th concert of MikroFest Helsinki 2018 in October have been announced – now also with the names of the jury. See –> MikroFest Helsinki 2018.

Jul/15/2018. We announce that works for a glissando flute are sought for a concert in Helsinki on Friday October 19th, 2018. The concert will be held as part of MikroFest Helsinki 2018. See –> MikroFest Helsinki 2018.

Jun/24/2018. We are currently booking musicians and lecturers for the upcoming MikroFest Helsinki 2018 in October 17th-19th.

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